Sagalassos Ancient City – Brief Information – Entrance Fee

I don’t know if you like cities that have survived from ancient times to the present day, but I think the Ancient City  of Sagalassos is a place that has brought the most beautiful works of the world to the present day…

You will understand better why Sagalassos is the most beautiful ancient city in the worldyou depart from  Antalya and arrive near Ağlasun You can reach here in two different ways.The ancient city,located at the peak of Ağlasun,will leave unforgettable traces on you. It will especially impress you despite the lack of statues here.Although the real statues are exhibited in the Burdur Museum, it is impressive that their copies are exhibited here as well. When you see Sagalassos, you will regret not visiting Sagalassos before and you will be angry with yourself.

How much is the entrance fee to Sagalassos Ancient City?

Before adding this place to your list within the scope of your travel route, the first priority is to research how much Sagalassos entrance fee is. I must especially point out that it will be worth every penny you pay to visit this place. In this sense,  Sagalassos entrance fee is 170 TL . However, teachers, people over the age of 65 and children under the age of 18 can enter here for free. In addition, the Museum Card is valid in the ancient city of  Sagalassos. 

Sagalassos Ancient City – Brief Information – Entrance Fee

One of the questions you will ask after a magnificent historical city welcomes you is who lived in Sagalassos . There are traces of many civilizations here. Because these traces are mixed with each other. Thus, the people living here are Phrygians, Luwians, Persians, Lydians, Romans and Seljuks.

The list of places to visit in Burdur, along with Sagalassos, can offer you unique opportunities for your day trips. At this stage, please add the following to your list.

  • Salda Lake
  • Kibyra Ancient City
  • Kargı Village Sweetgum Forest Nature Reserve
  • Insuyu Cave

Sagalassos Ancient City – Brief Information – Entrance Fee

 What is in the Ancient City of Sagalassos ?

One of the biggest reasons why you should include it in your travel route is the answer to the question of what is in the ancient city of Sagalassos . First of all, the Parliament building of the period is located here . In addition, there are ruins of the Odeon, Roman Bath, City Mansion, Doric Temple and the hospital of the period.

The first detection of Sagalassos , which is among the most important cities of Pisidia and the Roman Empire, dates back to 1706. Found by the initiatives of the French traveler Paul Lucas, the ancient city still flows with its historical fountain at the top.

Brief information about the Ancient City of Sagalassos, whose mysterious ruins are still unsolved, is a subject of constant research. Although many civilizations lived in the city, its most glorious period was the Roman Empire. Its legends and stories have survived to this day with their endless and inexhaustible styles. Daily trips are made here from  Antalya and its surroundings . Photographers are especially in great demand.

Sagalassos Ancient City – Brief Information – Entrance Fee
Sagalassos Ancient City – Brief Information – Entrance Fee

 How Was the Ancient City of Sagalassos Found?

The city was included in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage list in 2009. It is one of the most important open air museums in Turkey. The city is 100 km away from Antalya city center and 7 km away from Ağlasun. The distance to Isparta is 40 km. Belgian Marc Waelkens is as important a name as the French traveler in discovering this place. It is stated that the discovery of the city was by chance. Afterwards, excavations started in 1990. In this way, many works were unearthed. Especially the sculptures found here are exhibited in Burdur Museum. Thus, one of the most beautiful museums of Turkey is located in the city of Burdur.

You may wonder how long it takes to visit Sagalassos . In this sense, it is possible to talk about a different period depending on your expectations and what you want to see. However, I would like to point out that you will spend a long time especially in front of the fountain. I don’t want you to leave here without washing your face and tasting the water in the fountain that has been flowing for thousands of years., I can always accompany those who want to go here  from Antalya .

If you want to fully explore the ancient city, my personal opinion is that you should spend about 4 hours here. The distance between Çeşme and the theater is a bit long. However, it takes time to reach the fountain from the entrance of the ticket office. However, I would like you to see and explore the fountain and theater range. Examine the toilet located between Zira. The most important feature of this place is that the parliament of the period gathered in the toilet, went to the toilet together and made decisions. It is interesting that the toilet water flowing in front of them is used by all those who go to the toilet. It’s one of those weird situations that still seems interesting and funny to me.

What is there from the Ancient City of Sagalassos ?

Your travel route will be very wide and entertaining for Burdur. Information about the places you should see is available on our website. However, if you are wondering what is in the Ancient City of  Sagalassos , our list is as follows:

  • There are busts of Hermes, Ares, Athena, Poseidon and Zes. (the real ones are in the Burdur Museum)
  • Statue of Roman Emperor Adrian
  • Statue of Marcus Aurelius, built by Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius
  • Gate of Tiberius
  • City Council
  • Neon Library

You can use maps to get here. Route planning from your location is also one of the services possible. If you wish, you can reach here . In some places it is referred to as a ruin and in others as an ancient city.

You may wonder when to go to Sagalassos . This place is beautiful in every season. It is located at a very high altitude. That’s why it may be difficult to get out and travel around because it’s snowing. But it also has a magnificent appearance during this period. That’s why you can visit here in every season. However, the winter period will be cold.

After your trip to Sagalassos , I invite you to Burdur Museum to see the magnificent works of art here. Because at this stage, beauties that you will not regret are waiting for you here with all their kindness and beauty.

So much so that if you want to visit with me, the photographer, one day, I am always available… Because as someone who experienced the excitement and happiness of the first day, I experience indescribable emotions every time I step here.

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